Wife's '91 200q finally going to rehab

Gaidos, A. agaidos at got.net
Sat Aug 24 10:04:20 EDT 2002

Trust me. Keeping them running smoothely is a never ending challenge.
They're both exotic European models with their share special requirements.

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WOW! Those are some nice pictures. You have a beautiful wife, and a
beautiful car. No wonder you want to keep them both!

Michael L. Riebs
Grand Rapids, Michigan

'90 V8Q
'98 A6QA


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> All,
>  I have finally convinced my wife that fixing up her '91 200q is a better,
> more cost efficient path then the BMW she thinks she wants. She's gone
> around and around about whether to sell this car
> http://gaidos.got.net/Carol's/audi_pics/index.htm but I put that to a rest
> when I told her I'm not buying her a new car.
>  The list of work is long and I finally elected to have M&M Audi in
> Campbell, Ca. do it. I simply have too many other things to do and
> I've been playing around with my Jeep lately (anyone have a favorite
> suspension kit). So I'm paying someone else.
>  The car is getting new brakes (Reman UFOs, new pads), brake fluid flush,
> Boge Progas struts, control arm bushings, A/C recharge, new Climate
> head, coolant flush, sunroof fixed, turbo bypass valve replaced, green
> leak fixed, rear seat heaters fixed, oil change, overall inspection, tires
> and an aftermarket stereo/CD player. Oh yeah, and we're having the Bose
> speaker recall done too. After all this, if she's still unhappy with the
> I'll take it, chip it, enjoy it but she takes the Swedish American
> license plate frame.
>  If everything works out and we're pleased with their work I'll drop off
> 90q20v for a 120k mile service, brake fluid flush, A/C recharge and to fix
> the passanger side window regulator.
>  So, what am I really doing when I could be doing this act of love myself?
> Landscaping and painting the house...........

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