window regulator cable/spool

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Sat Aug 24 12:54:51 EDT 2002

Ref:  Your note of Thu, 22 Aug 2002 22:33:16 -0400

Hey Joshua,
I get 1/16" aircraft cable at Loews or HomeDepot (uncoated!).  I get the
simple aluminum cable stops at the same place.  Any good hardware store
will have these supplies too.  Parts per window reg are just a couple of
dollars here.

Usually it is broken nylon cable guides that fray the cables.  This
seems to be the weak link in the window regs.  There are springs over
them at the sheath ends --to cushion end of run impact.  I find
replacements at the scrap yard, usually only one end or the other has
broken, leaving a good spare.  Look for replacement slide guides too:
the other part that gets worn on the type 85's, letting the window
tilt a bit and putting stress on the cables via increased friction of
the window in the tracks.

Basically I drill out the center of the pulley that's keeping the slide
on the track, then tap for a stainless truss head machine screw (1/4-32
I recall, but I'll check).  The next trick is to locate the center of
the required length of cable and lock it in the pocket of the slide.
Rewinding the cable and putting the ends on at the right length
basically completes the job, but there are some tricks along the way.

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