Damaged car due to Oil filter/Lifter noise

S J & I Santoliquido santoliquido at cox.net
Sat Aug 24 17:29:18 EDT 2002

Ya mon.
The exact same thing happened to me. Some 1k miles after an oil change I got
extreme lifter noise and a low oil pressure light.
I immediately shut her off and towed her home. Upon removal, I found the
Fram POSneveruseoneagain oil filter to have blown through. engine
disassembly revealed pieces of it firmly jammed up against the check valve
in the passage to the head. This effectively cut off all oil flow to the
As it turns out, I could have cleared the problem simply by removing the
check valve (accessible after removing the pressure sender) and digging out
the crap, 'cause I didn't find a bit of it anywhere else in the motor. Final
damage was limited to a trashed set of lifters.
I would recommend pulling the check valve and clearing this area
before/after/and probably instead of a flush.
Steve Santoliquido
'87 CGT

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