5000tq pulling right

Jim Haseltine Jim at Ur-q.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Aug 24 23:25:43 EDT 2002

One time when my Ur-q was off the road I borrowed my mother's car - it was
awful, dragging to the left all the time. Asked her what she'd hit. Nothing.
So I took it in for alignment, according to the shop it was spot on, no
problems - but still pulled.

Took a look at it myself and couldn't find anything wrong, then spotted that
the RH wheel which I'd removed wasn't standing vertically, it was leaning to
one side. The inner side wall was 1/4" lower than the outer, making the tyre
somewhat wedge-shaped.
Swapped the front wheels side-for-side and took it for a drive to check - in
yards I was nearly off the road - I was used to it pulling left (and
steering right to compensate) and now it was pulling right.


Jim Haseltine

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> I went to get my alignment checked on my '86 5000tq and the mechanic told
> it probably wasn't the alignment but rather that the steel belts in one of
> the tires are pulling apart and that is causing the pull to the right.  He
> said this because acording to him the my car does not have adjusters for
> right and left as I understand him and for it to pull because of the
> alignment it would have to be way out. (Which is possible)  I just wanted
> get some backup that this guy knows what he is talking about.  I went to
> Midas since it was only going to be an alignment instead of my normal
> shop.  Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.
> Matt Bliefernich
> '81 4000 5+5 possibly for sale to the right buyer
> '86 5000 cstq
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