Wife's '91 200q finally going to rehab

Gaidos, A. agaidos at got.net
Sat Aug 24 17:10:57 EDT 2002

 My wife doesn't speak a word of Swedish that I know of. She's just of
Swedish decent. She has royalty in her heritage so I got her the Swedish
American Princess license plate frame. If you knew her you'd know it fits.
She definatly has a Princess attitude. That's sometimes good sometimes not.
 I gave up getting her to care better for the car. Cars are something that
magically work and if they don't you get a new one. I've been teaching her
things like not sitting on cars in jeans or throwing crates of sticky, ant
infested aluminum cans in the trunk.
 She'll be very pleased when the car comes home with everything working (and
she'll stop driving mine).

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Hey Anton,

Nice photos & website!

Your photos fueled a few observations, though!


We both live in California.
We each have a 1991 Audi, 200q20v in Bamboo Metallic; here's mine:
We each have a Swedish-speaking Scandinavian-born wife.
We each have a young son.


You're in Northern-, I'm in Southern-California
The 200q20v in your household is your wife's; in our's it's mine!
I have Euro-lights.
Most of the upgrades you're planning, I've already done.
And, most importantly, even with a camera in one hand AND a winning
Lotto-ticket in the other:

	There's no way my wife is going to be allowed to get on the trunk wearing
jeans (even if she's wearing pumps)!



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