Stebro repair update - sort of...

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Sun Aug 25 00:50:15 EDT 2002

Hey there...

There were a few of you who were interested as to how my Stebro dealings
would be.  About 6 months ago, my Stebro exhaust started getting louder,
until I could take it no more.  After talking to Dan at Stebro, who asked me
to send it back immediately, and he would take care of it free of charge, I
removed the exhaust and sent it to him.  It was supposed to take one day to
fix.  This is the good side.  Dan was very nice, as he has always been.  Very
accomidating, and generally nice to deal with.  And, for it's worth, the
exhaust was excellent for five years and about 20,000 miles.  The fitment was
awkward, but after many times fixing broken hangers, it worked well.  Here's
the bad side.  My car has been incapacitated now for exactly one month, not
counting the two weeks prior to removing the exhaust that I considered the
car undrivable.  So, for the past month and a half, my car has been sitting
in my driveway.  I still haven't recieved the exhaust back, and while I
believe that Dan was working on it, and had the best intentions, the one day
turnaround time has turned into at least two weeks.  Luckily, I have another
car to drive, but the timetable on this exhaust has been upsetting, to say
the least.  So, add this to the Stebro files - great people to deal with, but
fixing the exhaust has been...well, exhausting.  When the exhaust arrives
(hopefully, soon...) I'll let you all know how it came out.

Carter J
Kwattro at

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