Overcharge plus Undercharge equals Incharge

b crosbb79 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 25 00:30:17 EDT 2002

It was a while ago now that I posted a question about an undercharge,
then an overcharge condition using two different alternators in my 87

 I would just like to thank everyone for their help.  After
disassembling the two bad alternators, I found that one half from one
alternator was bad( bad diode) and the other half on the other
alternator was bad (shorted wires) so I combined the two good sides and
holy crap it worked perfect.  So one more problem is now fixed and I can
be happy that everything is running pretty well (I will try and forget
about a bearing going, leaking rack, noise in front end....)

One other thing to note:  After tracing a weird problem with the dash
lights and climate control lights turning off when I turn on the
headlights, I found that both of my license plate lights were out,
replaced them and the problem went away.  I got off easy with that one.

Great List, Thanks everyone

Ben Crosbie,

87' 5000tq  -  runs for now
87 4000CS - stripped to metal waiting for paint

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