92 100cs 20VT?avant

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Aug 25 20:52:44 EDT 2002

Wouldn't it be cheaper at this point to just purchase a '92-93 S4?  It
would be a superior engine.

Are you saying the 100 uses the same engine mounts for a V6 that the S4/S6
used for an I5?   And the same tranny mounts for a slusher and a 5-speed?

At 03:54 PM 08/25/2002 -0400, Arthur, Keith wrote:

>After finally finding a full time job after graduation I can get started on
>my long awaited projects!!  So it time to start asking questions.
>I've found a 100CS quattro AVANT from 1992.  It has the 4-speed autobox in
>it and the 12V V6.  I know from the list anything is possible with the
>enough money so what I'm wondering is how much custom fabrication would be
>required to put a 20VT and a 5-speed transmission into this car?  From what
>I understand the engine and transmission should bolt in because it is
>basically the same thing as and older style S4(as far as engine mount and
>trans mount locations.  I already know where to get a good 20vt and 5-speed
>transmission from a 200Q, but I will have to buy the whole car.
>I can't wait to hear something as long as you don't say its impossible;)

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