electric impact wrench for pulley bolt?

Peter Kirby peterk at nrs.mcgill.ca
Sat Aug 24 21:58:05 EDT 2002

Hi Scott and others

When I last did my timing belt on my 1988 90 Q I tried removing the pulley
bolt with a 1/2" drive compresed-air impact wrench.  Lots of banging but no
lose bolt.  I then tried my $100 CDN electric impact wrench and just let the
thing whack away at the bolt.  Unbelieveably, after about a minute of
whacking, it broke the bolt lose.  I was very impressed.

In defence of the compressed air wrench though, my compressor was only set
up for 80 psi and it is not a huge compressor/tank.

I use my electric one for changing the winter/summer tires on our two
vehicles.  One thing you can do with it is to buy a cheap scirrors jack and
have a 17 or 19 mm nut welded to the part of the jack where you usually
insert the crank.  Put the appropriate socket on the impact wrench and you
have a good, light, cheap and FAST jack for your garage.


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