Avant auto to 5speed.

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Aug 26 00:31:09 EDT 2002

Arthur, Keith writes:
> Ok so the 20vt swap is looking like more trouble than I'm ready to take on.
> If I  decide to get the 100cs avant anyway, I will be swaping in a different
> transmission. How much harder would it be to put in the appropriate 5-speed
> quattro tranny(if there is one) compared to just putting in another auto:(
> I'll be doing all the work myself so labor cost aren't an issue.

I am afraid that even this would turn out to be more complex than
it might appear.  The new generation autoboxes and the engine ECU
talks to each other to optimize shifting, and I am not even sure the
auto V6 engines use the same engine ECU as the manual cars.  The
instrument cluster also talks to the transmission ECU. So there are lots
of electronics you need to sort out.  There may even be unit body
differences (width of trans tunnel and mounts).  Not to mention the
fact that you need to retrofit not just the transmission, but the
shift mechanism, pedal cluster, clutch hydraulics, flywheel and clutch
components, console trim pieces, exhaust components, and lots of
little other things I am sure I haven't thought about...

While earlier models may be suited for this sort of conversions, the
newer cars are more difficult.  It's best to just buy the type of car
you want to begin with than to try to make it from something that it
isn't.  Your pocketbook will appreciate it, and you'll have a car that
has original factory integrity.

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