audifans tshirts and urq purchase

Dan Simoes dans at
Mon Aug 26 11:09:22 EDT 2002

Yeah, I know, it's been a while.  Between problems at work, projects at
home and two small daughters, I barely even get to scan the list these
days.  I apologize for the ongoing delay in doing the second run.

We got together in CT this past weekend for the first Northeast S-car
gathering at a lister's house, and I offloaded the remainders of the
original run of shirts, donating 1/2 the proceeds to the person who was
hosting the fest/feast.  Amazingly, those shirts disappeared in
literally under 5 minutes.

So... there will be a second run of shirts.  And it will be soon.
As soon as I can clear out my garage and set up a "staging area" (aka,
sorting, packing, labelling, oh what fun...) I will announce the second
run.  I will again be consulting with Thompson on colors, etc. but if
there are any particular requests (ie, colors, sizes) let me know.  The
design will not change, at least for now.

Finally, I would be curious if anyone has details on either the low mile
83 urQ or the 85 urq at KAR that are for sale.  I don't think an urq is
the right car for me, but I've always wanted one, and those look
interesting :)

| Dan |

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