clean fan connections=hi speed

scott thomas scott at
Mon Aug 26 11:23:15 EDT 2002

After changing my 200q's radiator last week, I
noticed alot of corrosion on my fan terminals. I
cleaned the fan end of them with a wire brush.
WOW! Big difference! The hi speed setting is a
hurricane setting now. The lower speeds work
better, too. A plus was seeing better outlet
temps for my a/c. The only negative was hearing
the hi speed relay seem to not want to click in
properly. It took 1 second. Hard to explain, but
it sounded like bad terminals. Maybe from alot
of resistance from the dirty terminals? Anyway,
I thought to clean out the terminals at the
fusible link block. They were worse than the fan
terminals. I cleaned 'em, the relay clicks on
better, and there is noticeably a faster fan
speed. I believe the electrical system voltage
isn't dropping as much as it used to. The fan
cycles only for a few seconds and the after run
runs shorter. I guess that might be a big plus
for those who complain about long after run

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