Rear view mirror mount removal

Wallace White wallace at
Mon Aug 26 08:30:33 EDT 2002

> If the propane torch works, maybe a heat gun would too with less potential
> for harm.  I know that mirrors that have come off on cars I've owned failed
> when the car was parked facing the sun continuously.

Yep, heat and additional peel force worked for me--unintentionally, this
  weekend. It so happens that the sun shade I have now was applying some
force to the rear view mirror. Ah, another project.

FWIW, the failure occured between the adhesive and the mirror's mount.
The adhesive is still holding onto the windshield well.

I would tie a big weight to the mirror and get out the blow dryer / heat

- Wallace
   '87 5kcstq 189k

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