[4kq] Bumpy steering (and a short rant)

Benjamin Kaupp bkaupp at ugconnection.com
Mon Aug 26 10:04:47 EDT 2002

So... Just got some sweet new Bridgestone Potenza RE950s and I am very
happy with them (not too difficult to do since PO had 175/70-13 Costco
tires on it)
but they didn't get rid of the bumpy rear end on turns. I have it
narrowed down to when I accelerate in he middle of a uphill right turn
at over 40 mph.
To clarify: Bumpy <I think> rear end feels like I'm hitting small
speedbumps or truck grooves in a freeway or something, but it's on every
turn on several roads

Begin NAC Rant
Under God was added to the pledge during the red scare. do we really
want to be proud of this time in our history? Not trying to start a
flame war (better than a cold war, I guess)... Just had to waste a bit
of bandwidth and get that off my chest.
End NAC Rant
Benjamin Kaupp
User Group Connection
bkaupp at ugconnection.com

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