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quattrohead at attbi.com quattrohead at attbi.com
Mon Aug 26 18:10:03 EDT 2002

I have been thinking about putting a 5 speed into my '98
A6 Avant, but due to mechanical and electrical issues
outlined by Ti, I have decided to sell mine and buy a 5
speed of some kind.
Funny enough, I just put my car in the Audifans ads this
morning, so if anyone is looking for an A6 Avant then
please take a look. I am keen to do a swap or part X for
something "interesting"

> I've found a 100CS quattro AVANT from 1992.  It has
> the 4-speed autobox in
> it and the 12V V6.  I know from the list anything is
> possible with the
> enough money so what I'm wondering is how much
> custom fabrication would be
> required to put a 20VT and a 5-speed transmission
> into this car?

Kevin Phillips
1998 A6 Avant
1995 900 SET

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