Factory Headlights....Which is best?

Michael Riebs / Audi V8 AudiV8 at 1stchoicegranite.com
Mon Aug 26 15:37:07 EDT 2002

I'm not sure on this one, but I THINK that you may need to swap the fenders
also. Look at the side markers on both cars...

Michael L. Riebs
Grand Rapids, Michigan

'90 V8Q
'98 A6QA


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Subject: Factory Headlights....Which is best?

> Or maybe I should ask....Which is the lesser of two
> evils?
> Here's the story. I drive an '89 100Q with the factory
> headlights. I have an '86 5kcstq parts car, also with
> factory headlights. I'm thinking of transferring the
> '86 lights to my '89. Main reasons are that the glass
> in one of my '89 headlights is not clear and the other
> one has broken adjusters.
> I'm sure I cannot just swap individual headlights (the
> turbo lights are thinner for one thing), but it does
> look like I can swap the whole piece across the front
> including the grill. Is that true?
> So, before I do it, are the '86 lights any better?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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