86 CGT A/C Evaporator Drain leak???

s4qtro at bellsouth.net s4qtro at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 26 16:26:39 EDT 2002

after a trip from Orlando to Jacksonville and back, i noticed a moderate amount of water in the passenger floorboard (actually my girlfriend did whineing that her feet were wet) of my 86 CGT.  When I checked the rear passenger floorboard the water was about an inch deep.

It was also raining on the way up, but i have noticed that there is still a drip when the sun is shining away and the A/C is on.  Dad said that the Evaporator drain hose might be plugged, but we couldn't find it to unclog.  anyone know exactly where it is or what color it "should be"


Shawn Head
'86 CGT
(my first!)

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