Need Specifications: the 'flat-faced' flywheel

robert_a_dupree at robert_a_dupree at
Mon Aug 26 17:24:51 EDT 2002

I was having a conversation with someone today and it turns out one of
their suppliers has a remaining stock of aluminum flywheels that MIGHT be a
good update for those of us with the old dished-style.

So...  I am looking for someone who has either in the past, or currently
can take some critical measurements from a factory steel flat-faced
flywheel (ala 1991 200TQ 20v, and others) to see if this alu unit is truly
a match.

Here's the kicker.  They have 20 remaining in stock.  A group buy price was
bantered around at $275 each ( plus shipping).  It would require 10 takers
to get this rolling.  Once I can get the critical specs to these folks I
can report back on the details.  Probably all replies of "I'm interested"
should be sent directly to me.  Replies with specifications and other
information should be posted to the list as a whole.

Rob Dupree
  84 UrQ
  other car-type things...

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