Parting Out 1999 A4 1.8tq

Pedro Rodriguez pedro.w.rodriguez at
Mon Aug 26 23:28:05 EDT 2002


I've just bought a 1999 A4 1.8t tiptronic quattro that was rear-ended and
totalled.  It also has some dings around it, as on the left two doors and
the front fender was pushed in (but I think it can be fixed without much
trouble).  The car has 27,000 miles on it and the accident took place about
6 months ago.  I started the car up today and it started right up.  I also
moved it back and forth, as well as checked out the A/C, which is cold.  The
car has a gray leatherette interior that is in great condition.

I will receive the car next week.  This is a done deal - it's paid for.  I
would like to sell the engine along with turbo, ecu and harness as a package
for someone to possibly use in a conversion.  The nose is almost complete -
no headlights or fenders.  A piece of the firewall will possibly be missing,
although I don't know at this point.  Rear right quarter is there, but with
some minor dings.  Trunk lid, roof, sunroof, wheels (15"), suspension,
differential, etc... I will be using the two right doors, frame around the
doors, airbags and some other miscellaneous stuff.  Everything else should
be available for sale.  If anyone out there is interested in any parts from
this car, please let me know.

I do have some pictures available if anyone is interested.



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