replacing water pump 5K SQ

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Tue Aug 27 16:12:40 EDT 2002

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Make sure that the radiator, the block/head passages, or the hoses(no joke
I've seen it) are not plugged up.

If they are not, most likely is the pump, assuming the fan is working. Is it?

What do you use for coolant (antifreeze)?

Common antifreeze is one of the culprits of bad pumps.


>From: "David Howard" <4dhoward at>
>To: quattro at
>Subject: replacing water pump 5K SQ
>Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 14:00:39 +0000
>Has anyone done this procedure and can a relative novice mechanic
>it or should it be left to the pros?
>The car is overheating and boiling over. I have changed the
>thermostat and
>flushed out the system but it continues. Is there anything else I
>might try
>before a pump?
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