Clutch slave & master cylinder pricing...

gerard gerard at
Tue Aug 27 21:46:32 EDT 2002


I finally got a day off work. I've done close on 100 hours of overtime
this month so I get a day off. 8 hours for 100 hours... sounds like a
fair trade. :)

Anyway, I would like to know what the pricing for a clutch slave and
master cylinder is in the USA. Part numbers are:

  clutch slave cylinder:  443 721 261
  clutch master cylinder: 4A0 721 401

These are for items out of a 016 UW gearbox from a early 80s Audi 100 5E
(4000?) or Coupe.

I want new ones. Only price I got today from aftermarket supplier is $85
for the slave cylinder. VW/Audi dealership indicates $80 (hmmm...someone
shafting me on the aftermarket price). The master cylinders from VW/Audi
list for $96. Is this high or "reasonable"? The later model slave (4A0
721 261 lists for $112!)

Most clutch/brake workshops said I will only get these from the
dealerships. I don't believe this so I am going to do some more shopping
around over the next few days, but I'd like to know what you folks pay
for these over in the USA as I am slowly putting a shipment together.

Most shops will rebuild the unit with a new stainless steel sleeve, but
I'm much more keen on getting brand new items, but I think the prices so
far seem a bit silly.



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