Yup, it's for sale!

Tom Nas tnas at euronet.nl
Tue Aug 27 22:01:43 EDT 2002

At 08:08 27-8-02 -0700, Wallace White wrote:
>tnas at euronet.nl wrote:
>Now how did he cover up the recess in the doors, where the black trim is
>supposed to be? At least he _did_ cover it--one pic lately showed a car
>with the trim pulled and just plain missing.

Lotsa filler?

>Also I'd always wondered how these cars would look with just corner tail
>lights. Too bad there's no better back view. I don't think I'll be getting
>out the spray paint just yet, though. ;)

Looks downmarket. I've seen it on a type 89 80, and it looks pretty naked.

Regards, Tom

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