looking for dp relay for single switch

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Tue Aug 27 17:32:22 EDT 2002

> Sorry, no blank spaces available.

no apologies necessary...

> I don't want any clutter in my car just to get a
> dual mode aux light. I might just wire one side,
> then swap it if conditions need it.

That basically describes the way you should probably wire things.

use the "stock" as an on/off switch for the aux lighting.  Then hide a
little double throw switch to switch between the fogs or driving lights.

these would switch low current, to control two separate high current
SPST relays that actually fire up your two sets of bulbs.

the high current relays would get their juice via a fused wire from the
alt output, battery + terminal, or jumper terminal.

The switch and relay control setup would also be wired to limit aux lamp
usage to appropriate conditions, ie, only when low beams are on (using
switched low beam power to trigger the relays would have this effect).

Of course, if you actually want to see at night you should save the
effort & $$ and invest it in euro lights for your car...

> Back to the question of wiring the combo
> fog/driving lights I'm getting.
> On alternative is to use the driving lights as
> the primary beam, using the foglight switch on
> my dash. The next thing could be to hide the
> second switch under the dash, where it won't
> clutter. This switch could be used to shut off
> the driving lights (driving lights are baaad in
> fog) and turn on the fogs? What kind of a relays
> am I looking at for this purpose?

Huw Powell



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