Possible lead on DTM Spoiler

Michael Riebs / Audi V8 AudiV8 at 1stchoicegranite.com
Tue Aug 27 17:35:45 EDT 2002

Hi all,
As you may recall, I have been looking for the DTM type spoiler for my V8Q.

Is anyone else interested in a group purchase / custom made spoiler? See the
enclosed mail:

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From: "William Gutierrez" <lundabo at msn.com>

> Sorry, I asked where I could find one from Perttu Hinninen in Finland.
> His is the blue V8 with the S8 engine on the AudiV8 site.  He says he
bought the
> car in the condition it is currently in, so he did not purchase the
>   He told me he looked for a replacement source in case he dinged the one
> his car, but he said he could not find one.  One thing he did muse upon
> possible having a shop in finland make a mold from his to make
>   I'ld bet that with enough interest he might be persuaded to do so.
> Just a thought.
> Bill Gutierrez

Maybe someone could FWD to the other lists...

If there is enough interest, maybe this could be a possibility.

Michael L. Riebs
Grand Rapids, Michigan

'90 V8Q
'98 A6QA

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