replacing water pump 5K SQ

Jon Spensko spensko at
Tue Aug 27 19:56:56 EDT 2002

Add these to your check list...
1. check intake radiator hose for softness.  If you can flatten it easily
when it's hot, it may be collapsing as the pump is drawing in the fluid to
the block thus restricting the flow.
2.  Antifreeze water ratio is correct?  Could also be a head gasket or
heaven forbid, cracked cylinder?  (Sorry for the nightmares)
3. Coolant cap is sealing?

Good luck and let us know what it was!
Jon Spensko
1992 100S
1988 5000CSQT Wagon
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Subject: replacing water pump 5K SQ

> Has anyone done this procedure and can a relative novice mechanic
> it or should it be left to the pros?
> The car is overheating and boiling over.  I have changed the thermostat
> flushed out the system but it continues.  Is there anything else I might
> before a pump?
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