replacing water pump 5K SQ

Huw Powell human747 at
Tue Aug 27 21:31:53 EDT 2002

> Has anyone done this procedure and can a relative novice mechanic accomplish
> it or should it be left to the pros?

many have, most of us novices at the time... broken down, the job
consists of straightforward wrenching... taken all together it is a bit
overwhelming.  It is nice to have someone who has been there before
looking over your shoulder.  This is because the water pump is hidden
inside the engine, behind (and driven by) the timing belt.

> The car is overheating and boiling over.  I have changed the thermostat and
> flushed out the system but it continues.  Is there anything else I might try
> before a pump?

First, make sure you don't have a leaky head gasket/cracked head.  A
shop can put UV dye in the coolant and look for it in the exhaust, I
think, and also pressure test the cooling system.

While I suppose it could just be the water pump, you should certainly
eliminate other possible causes first.

Is the overheating shown on the gauge, ie, way over normal, top 1/4 of
scale type thing?

Huw Powell

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