compression test #'s help

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at
Tue Aug 27 19:27:55 EDT 2002


  I have a frantic problem I'm burning oil at a good
rate in my 90 200tqa with 209k
 so I performed a compression test and would like to
know what these #'s mean
 If you'r lookin at the head from the front I get
#1) 120
#2) 150
#3) 120
#4) 120
#5) 120
 allso in firing order so not to confuse anyone is
 1 120
 2 150
 4 120
 5 120
 3 120

  So how can I interpret these #'s?
 The only other things that could be draining the
amount of oil i'm loosin is eather the valve seals,
 or the turbo and is there a way to check the turbo?
 Any help would be great
90 200tqa 209k IA stageII,2.0 bar,20V rear brake upgrade

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