Type 44/5000 safety rating

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Tue Aug 27 23:45:16 EDT 2002

> OK - Listers, I'd appreciate some help with this one.

> I personally con't see how this can be knowing something of the
> construction of these cars.  The only thing I can see is these safety
> rating are making a comparison to the newer luxury cars with side impact
> air bags, and even then, I question this rating.

Exactly.  five stars doesn't allow for the passage of time and improved
safety.  the Audi 5k was a safety leader once upon a when... and is just
as safe now as it was then, but newer cars have much junk in them (like
those side air bags) and so the star range gets shifted, leavin' the ole
Audi down in the dumps.

> Joe Buyer here.  I've run into a bit of a snag with my wife regarding the
> purchase of your avant.  She's a firm believer in safety ratings and when
> she looked up the stuff on the 87 5000's was not amused at their 1 star
> drivers side rating in the 83-88 range.

So what else is there in this price range?  Other cars from that era, I
suppose.  Joe is using her as a scapegoat, he either drank or gambled
away his Audi money...

Huw Powell



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