Type 44/5000 safety rating

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> OK - Listers, I'd appreciate some help with this one.  I had always been
> under the impression that out Type 44's were rather safe.  Please help me
> refute this.  I thought I saw some testimonials awhile back proclaiming
> that in this very type of drivers side accident the occupants came out
> miraculously unscathed, while the other vehicle disintegrated on impact, or
> something to that effect.
> I personally con't see how this can be knowing something of the
> construction of these cars.  The only thing I can see is these safety
> rating are making a comparison to the newer luxury cars with side impact
> air bags, and even then, I question this rating.
> Here is what happened - the potential buyer of my '87 5000 turbo quattro
> avant backed out due to the following email:
> Joe Buyer here.  I've run into a bit of a snag with my wife regarding the
> purchase of your avant.  She's a firm believer in safety ratings and when
> she looked up the stuff on the 87 5000's was not amused at their 1 star
> drivers side rating in the 83-88 range.  Unless I can find something in
> print somewhere to convince here otherwise I'm afraid I'm going to have to
> pass on the car.
> Sorry,
> Joe Buyer
> Name changed to protect the identity of the buyer.
> Doesn't change my opinion of these cars, but this really bothers me, in
> addition to not selling the car.
> TIA,
> Ben

During their reign the 5000 series was one of the safest cars out there. Just
as a point, the 83 model was a different vehicle all together. An interesting
point.. your chances of getting in a vehicle collision that exactly mimics a
crash test is a fraction of a percent, which is why some activists don't put
much credit on crash test ratings. The crash test ratings are a good judge of
saftey between vehicles but a very poor rating of real world crashed. I know
a gentleman who got in a head on collision at 20 MPH and he walked away
without a scratch.


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