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Jim Green jeg1976 at
Tue Aug 27 22:06:04 EDT 2002

--- Ron Wainwright <ron_01056 at> wrote:
>   Listers,
>   I have a frantic problem I'm burning oil at a good
> rate in my 90 200tqa with 209k
>  so I performed a compression test and would like to
> know what these #'s mean
>  If you'r lookin at the head from the front I get
> #1) 120


> #2) 150

Really Good,  Must have some gunk on those rings:)

> #3) 120


> #4) 120


> #5) 120

>   So how can I interpret these #'s?

These are nothing to be ashamed of, especially if your
at altitude.

>  The only other things that could be draining the
> amount of oil i'm loosin is eather the valve seals,

There you, go smoke on startup and rundown would show
bad valve seals.

>  or the turbo and is there a way to check the turbo?
>  Any help would be great

Turbo would give you a the mosquito fogger effect on
acceleration.  My bet is on those valve seals though.


Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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