wiring fog and driving lights like this?

scott thomas scott at dreamtheater.zzn.com
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That is a good idea, but I use #1157 turn signal
bulbs in my inner parking light lenses
(200/5000t headlights).I just turn on the
parking lights and I have "drls's". Some might
call them city lights. The 1157's give them
different focusing than the tiny oem ones. The
funny thing is they do give a small amount of
lighting with the headlights off. Not much, but
noticeable. I once drove 15 mile on the Northern
and Wantagh state parkways before I realized my
headlights were off. BTW-some people think they
are fogs. Normal wattage.
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> Back to the question of wiring the combo
> fog/driving lights I'm getting.
> On alternative is to use the driving lights as
> the primary beam, using the foglight switch on
> my dash.

I've considered wiring up the fogs as DRL, since
they are low angle beams,
and running the driving lights through a relay
to the high beam.

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