Type 44/5000 safety rating

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Wasn't a big thing about Audis and VWs in
crashes being the shelf by the drivers knees
causing injuries? Did some Jags have 'em, too?
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well the thing is that from 1985 to 1989 the
5000 (type 44) had some MAJOR interior changes
the biggest thing being an airbag which was
probably the main reason the safety rating
improved so much,  the other thing is that the
89 car actually has thick  padding for your
knees something the earlier cars had none of!
and that can lead to serious injury in the right
type of accident. I dont think there was
anything wrong with the testing in 85 its just
that the cars got a lot better in 89.
for its time it was a fairly safe car but in no
way can it compare to any modern cars for
safety. Sure you cant test for every type of
collision but the crash tests that the NHTSA and
the insurance institute do represent some of the
most serious situations you could be in and give
you an overall idea of how safe a car is, much
more so than someone saying that they were in an
accident and walked away cause you have
absolutly no idea what was involved in a crash
on the street.

Mike Guidotti

>>> Efraim Gavrilovich <egav at wireless2000.com>
08/28/02 12:05AM >>>
.....It shows one star driver side and five star
passenger side ratings at
frontal impact for 1985 5000. The rating for
1989 for 100 shows big
improvement - five stars both sides. I am sure
something was wrong with the
testing in 1985, but it's there, black on white.
Too bad this poor woman
believed these so called "facts"....

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