how rare is the '02 A8L???

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Wed Aug 28 21:46:43 EDT 2002

Ti Kan wrote:

>JordanVw at writes:
>>i drove by my local audi dealership today and saw a 2002 A8L on the lot..
>>$71k.  yikes!   could buy a small home for that..   anyway it was the Long
>>wheel base version.. back doors were HUGE and lots of foot room in the rear..
>>     just wondered if this was a special order or were there many of them
>The A8L is standard production.  But you're not going to see one
>around every street corner, because the A8 line is intrinsically a low
>volume model.
Another thing, as the new A8 is just about to hit production, the last
example of the 1st generation has just recently left the production
lines. 105.092 units were made so it's not exactly a high-volume car.
Makes one wonder why they introduced the W12 in the old A8 body.


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