'86 4kq no wanna take gas, Capt'n

Bernard Littau bernardl at acumenassociates.com
Wed Aug 28 12:51:03 EDT 2002

Well, the problem with the '86 4kq that the PO told me about has finally,
after 4 months or so, surfaced.

The car starts and runs fine cold.  In fact, it runs fine until after about
20 minutes of driving, way after the water/oil temps are up to normal
running temps.

The unwillingness to take gas, and the stumble and black smoke phase seems
to last 10 minutes or so, then the car gets progressively better at taking
gas.  It always idles fine.

All of the things I can think of would make lean, not rich (vacuum leaks,
for instance).  I'm thinking the black smoke is a rich indicator.

Any clues of what might be wrong, or hints at what/where to test would be
most appreciated.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'86 4kq

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