W12 in old style A8

Mike Arman armanmik at n-jcenter.com
Wed Aug 28 16:35:36 EDT 2002

>Another thing, as the new A8 is just about to hit production, the last
>example of the 1st generation has just recently left the production
>lines. 105.092 units were made so it's not exactly a high-volume car.
>Makes one wonder why they introduced the W12 in the old A8 body.

Because in a couple of years, the "old style" A8s are going to be selling
for $3,500, and then I can buy one and put the W12 engine out of a later
model that was wrecked into it! I think that is very thoughtful of Audi, to
plan ahead for me in this way.

Seriously, this isn't the first time I've seen "new tech" engines in "old
tech" chassis. The BMW 750 motorcycle engine (R75/5), which came out in
1970, used the earlier series (up to 1969) chassis as a test bed, but was
never delivered in it. Six months after the new 750/5 models came out, I
was able to buy a wreck and bolt the engine directly into an older model (a
1966 R60/2). Only needed a minor adaptor plate for the drive shaft (and
figure out where to put the ignition coils - the older bikes were magneto

Then I took a ride to the BMW dealer in Ft. Lauderdale, who at the time was
a real pr*ck - and who used to (among other things) sell used valve guides
for more than new ones, proudly saying "Well, these are used!" Anyway, I
innocently asked him if it were possible to put the new series engine into
the old series bike, and he told me "You are a dummkopf! You can't take an
old thing and make it new!"

"Well I just rode here on one, and it is parked out front of your store."

He was out the door in a flash, and never said another word to me.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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