A4 Track Setup

Brian O' briano_72 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 28 14:39:32 EDT 2002

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ya will need racing brake fluid for sure, if your any good your gonna cook =
your stock brakes in about 6 laps. no matter what kind of pads you use, the=
 stock size and configuration is way too small !!! we had a8 rotors and 993=
 calipers and was barley enough for us. as far as ducting, if you can figur=
e something out in this car, your a genious !!! audi used every inch they c=
ould find doing what they did. you will see as soon as you pop your little =
fog light covers out. i drilled holes behind the intercooler for air flow, =
do not know if it really helped, but i do not think it hurt it. i take it y=
our running stock suspension and tires/wheels ?? we had konis and lowering =
springs, it was nice, but still a smidge too mushy. now weve got an 00 s4, =
full race coil overs, 993tt front brakes, hawk pads in the rear, its very n=
ice, running about 350-375hp too !!!! 0-40 is what apr says to run in the s=
4, so it would be plenty for an a4. as far as running it chipped or not, yo=
u would be crazy not to chip it or leave it chipped, it does not have alot =
of power.
rian o'

 t44tq at mindspring.com wrote:Don't know how many of you own A4s, but any adv=
ice on track setup
for an A4?

The A4 might be used for a track day but I need to make sure that
everything is up to snuff before doing so.

I figure pads are a must, as well as a full system bleed, but other
than that, what must be done to ensure that the car will hold up to
track use?

I'm wondering if I should or should not run a chipped setup or stick
with the stock ECU to keep engine temps lower, esp. turbo temps.

Also I wonder if Mobil 1 0W40 can hold up to track use safely- it's
really light stuff.

Any inexpensive ways to run brake ducting for track use? I might get
some dryer ducting to work something up if that's doable- maybe remove
the fogs to improve airflow to the intercooler as well.


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