A4 Track Setup

Michael Pshenishny pshenm at rpi.edu
Wed Aug 28 22:22:06 EDT 2002

I assume by Driver's Ed you mean something like the Quattro Club
schools.  There are plenty of A4s at those (probably the most prevalent
car, although the new S4s have been showing up in droves) and they don't
seem to have any problems with safety.  Lots of mostly stock A4s
(chipped) in the newbies groups.  If it is a higher speed course like
VIR or Watkins, and not like Lime Rock, you may want to get a set of
race pads and separate rotors up front.  Thats what I do with my 5000TQ,
Hawk Blues and Zimmerman XDrilled.  If you go that route and put some
race pads up front I doubt you will have any problems. Besides, the
brakes make you slower! Seriously though, make sure you go through the
tech sheet thoroughly and bring extra fluids with you to the track, and
I doubt you'll have much of a problem.  Especially if the car isn't
doing double duty (two drivers).

Mike Pshenishny
'87 5ktq

> One thing I failed to mention is that the car will be used for driver's
> ed, not for
> racing. It would be nice to put big brakes on the car, but that's not
> going to happen.
> If the A4 is going to be unsafe, I don't want to run the car- having the
> brakes go out
> on you is not fun.
> Taka

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