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Wed Aug 28 23:01:07 EDT 2002

Very impressive numbers, tho your torque seems very high in the band, most
likely an "oversize" turbo problem.   Regarding your comment on the AAN
motor, I can share that I've put a full RS2 setup (stock IC, but RS2 turbo,
FI, MAF, FPR, Stage III chipset) on a 95 S6 at 80F,sea level, 93octane.  4WD
chassis dyno and at 24psi (peak) nailed 302RWHP at 6000.  The best I've seen
shared on the S car list to date is 318 (adding turbo/IC mods).

I will also share that the highest HP I've seen documented in the CIS 10vt
Audisport days is 420 at the crank @ 26psi.  That jumped to 510hp on the 200
Transam car (I believe this was EFI converted).  The standard 10vt tweeks by
audisport yielded 360.  The 20vt in IMSA GTO trim =720hp, S1 = 400hp, S1 evo2
= 600hp

BTW, your 1/4mile numbers of the other week would verify a 300crank hp claim
pretty well.

Scott Justusson

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