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Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at
Wed Aug 28 20:01:10 EDT 2002


  I can't thank all you enough for all the responces I
sure have alot to go through but for some of the
questions out ther I can give some answers.

 The oil loss started about a month after I bought the
car about 6 months ago
  it had a Valvoline oil filter and problly the same
oil so I changed it to a Mann filter and Mobil 15/50W
synth and it's been a nightmare since
  I thought that maybe I didn't tightn the oil plug
enough but noticed allot of oil near the oil pump
housing so before Phill left the list a while back he
mentioned that my oil pump bolts problly needed to be
tightened which was the case so after that I didn't
notice any oil in the driveway so I thought I was safe
till one day under boost my oil light came on the
warning display so at that point I allso had to add
another two quarts so I changed back to regular oil to
save me some monie
 every time I've checked the oil level I've allways
let the car sit for like 10 minutes to let everything
drain down
 another lister mentioned my plugs which I changed
about 4k ago and they look old, grey looking and there
is some oil on the ends or the threads looks like it
may need a valve cover gasket but there's not alot of
wetness around the area not enough at least for me to
be loosing all this oil
 allso I haven't loss any coolant and there is no oil
in the coolant
 all the cooler lines look to be new as well going to
and from the turbo

 I was originally thinking valve seals but my 87 5kq
has 230k and I burn no oil and have been using
synthetic oil for as long as I can remember thats why
turbo was a thought as well.
 any other info would be helpfull
87 5ksq non turbo(original owner) 230k euros,white
corners,fuchs,eibach prokit,boge turbogas,strut
bar,power leather sport seat conversion from grey
MANUAL cloth
90 200tqa 209k IA stageII,2.0 bar,20V rear brake

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