WTB: Window Regulator, Coupe Q

Richard Hoffman billzcat1 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 28 20:06:20 EDT 2002

Hoping someone out there can help me - I'm looking to buy a driver's side
window regulator for a 1990 CoupeQ...dealer wants $730 retail for one (eek)
but I can get it from them for $530 (still eek).  For the record, I am in
search of the whole she-bang - frame, motor, cables, etc.  Don't need the
window (yet....)
Also note: I've already tried Force5Auto and they don't have one :(
Any other suggestions?  Anyone have a parts-car they want to make a couple
hundred on?  Looking to pay $200-300 for a decent used unit.


1990 CQ 206K (fix on window and the other one breaks!!!)

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