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JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Wed Aug 28 23:28:26 EDT 2002

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<<Javad, While I can get to the www.80tq.com/dyno page, I'm not able for some
reason to access the dyno pdf.  The page just locks up on me when I've tried
clicking on the pdf file link.>>

Hey Mike, try:


> <<Very nice numbers! Particularly appreciated is your documentation of the
> "tweaks" and the results achieved, changes seen between each run.  As I
> recall you paid a lot of attention to removing restrictions from, and
> smoothing out the flow pattern and path from your intake to, through and
> including your custom IC install.>>

Thanks, yes, I've spend a considerable amount of time removing the intake and
exhaust restrictions that I believed were there, this dyno run confimed to me
that a lot of what I"ve been doing has been working, esp. when compared to
standard CIS dyno comparisons.  I'm now building a new motor with extensive
head work to continue to improve the flow through the head where its so

<<I'm not so sure though about the results you describe for your friends>
> modified UrS4 @ 30 psi.  Those seem a little low for a modified car &/or 30
> psi.  My guess would be a good part of your results vs. the 30 psi AAN
> numbers you have are the result of the attention you've given you intake &
> exhaust tracks.>>

Yes, I agree, we've talked about dynoing the car again, I suspect that his
timing is retarding too much as we're running the same basic turbo but his
20v spools up close to 1k rpm later than mine. I agree that it should be at
least 10-15% higher generally speaking, but the comparison is still striking,
twice the boost but not the power.

> <<Now that I THINK I may have a car back, I've attached a jpeg of a chart
> showing 3 separate dyno pulls at 18, 21 and 23 psi of boost on an otherwise
> moderately modified (at least by Hapersized Colorado mafia standards) 93 S4
> AAN.  FWIW, I think (hope) that these numbers may be slightly better when &
> if were able to further optimize the ECU.  Since the runs, we have remove
> what I think was a significant "choke" point in the intake, and I'd hope if
> we get the car back on a dyno we might see an improvement in the numbers
> and
> onset of boost.>>

Wow, very impressive, is that with the 2.6 stroker motor?  Interesting to
note your hp and torque are swapped from mine, where your hp is higher than
your torque.  Also interesting, that my 10v torque of 255 at 15psi almost
equals your 17psi run.  Looks like at your higher boost setting maybe your
ecu is backing off timing at around 5500rpm?  Also, my runs were with 91 with
a splash of Tolulene, probably about 91.5 oct or so.

> <<At 30 psi I would think your friend should be seeing more than 275 at the
> wheels?  If there's any correlation in between the psi numbers, I would
> have
> to suspect he's got a major flow restriction somewhere in his system that's
> pressurizing up the manifold, but not letting the gasses out?  i.e. Working
> hard, but not working well.>>

Yes, the stock MAF, IC are suspect for sure.

> <<Could I get you to you email a copy of the pdf file directly?>>

Lemme know if you still need it.


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