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JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Wed Aug 28 23:38:02 EDT 2002

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 <<> Javad:
> Very impressive numbers, tho your torque seems very high in the band, most
> likely an "oversize" turbo problem.>>

Ya, it would be interesting to do the same test with a K26 and stock
manifold, or an RS2 turbo with the current set up for that matter.  The car
is really strong in the 4-6500rpm range, but notice how strong both torque
and HP hold on up to the 6700 rpm cut off, would have been interesting to run
to like 7200 to see what she'd do.  Not sure if its necessarily a problem,
just getting the power up higher.

<<  Regarding your comment on the AAN motor, I can share that I've put a full
> setup (stock IC, but RS2 turbo, FI, MAF, FPR, Stage III chipset) on a 95 S6
> at 80F,sea level, 93octane.  4WD chassis dyno and at 24psi (peak) nailed
> 302RWHP at 6000.  The best I've seen shared on the S car list to date is 318
> (adding turbo/IC mods).  >>

Sure, agreed.

> <<I will also share that the highest HP I've seen documented in the CIS 10vt
> Audisport days is 420 at the crank @ 26psi.  That jumped to 510hp on the
> 200 Transam car (I believe this was EFI converted).  The standard 10vt
> tweeks by audisport yielded 360.  The 20vt in IMSA GTO trim =720hp, S1 =
> 400hp, S1 evo2 = 600hp >>

Right, the AS cars are very trick, wish I had the factory's help with my car
too  =)  I can say from my first hand experience with a 10v TransAm car (yes,
speed density Motronic), huge K27 turbo, header, 5" downpipe sans exhaust,
dry sump, etc - no boost until 4k rpm, 5krpm or so...EXPLOSION all the way to
8k rpm, shift.  Plus, the 7:1 compression or so made it very undriveable in
the low rpm range, wouldn't have made much of a street car (though you could
try me).

> <<BTW, your 1/4mile numbers of the other week would verify a 300crank hp
> claim pretty well.>>

Cool, well, I've got 29 more documented hp since then, so we'll see the next
outing  ;)


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