A8 Resale

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A8 resale is not unusually bad for large German cars.  If you were to examine
Manheim or some other auction data, you'd see that a comparably old S class
goes for the price of an E class, and 7 series BMWs drop like rocks too.
Granted, they are more expensive cars, so their sheer numbers are going to be
higher by price, but % of resale to MSRP is only slightly higher than Audi.
In the US, Audi still doesn't have that market under control, and until they
do more in that $ range, resale will continue to lag.  Remember, it took BMW
15 years and 3 generations of "7" cars to get it right, (if not then to go
horribly awry, but who's counting) and for that to be a profitable market for
them.  Audi has only really just begun, but with the waves of 7 series owners
migrating to something else, I think the new A8 will be in the black.


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> speaking of..
> why IS the resale so low on the a8's [in general]? i see really nice
> versions in the classifieds for a lot less than i'd think.
> i imagine they are huge $$ to maintain, esp given how tricky the aluminum
> is
> to work on. are there other factors? have the cars proven to be unreliable?

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