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Joshua Van Tol josh at
Thu Aug 29 00:14:11 EDT 2002

>Well, that is one hell of a lot of oil to be going
>past any seals.  If it were me, I'd do the valve seals
>because it's easy, and they probably need one
>regardless, then look at the turbo.  Even if the turbo
>is the main culprit, I bet your still loosing some oil
>through the valve seals.  The oil in the intake is
>totally normal.

I have to say, if I had the choice between replacing a turbo and
doing valve stem seals, the turbo is way easier, and probably cheaper
too. Valve stem seals usually won't cause 1qt/100 mile oil
consumption either... Could be both the seals and the turbo I guess.
It could also be a plugged turbo oil return line, although that seems
Joshua Van Tol -- josh at

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