Emission Problem

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Thu Aug 29 15:25:16 EDT 2002

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My 87 CGT failed the emission test yesterday on the CO (%).

It got 1.71 while the standard is 1.20.

Last year I got 0.46 and I did not make any modification between inspections.

Does anyone have any clues? or a way to reduce it.

I drove less than 2k miles between inspections (it's a rally car).

The other numbers match with last year readings:

HC (ppm) 092    (220 standard)        031(last year)
CO2 (%) 13.4                                   14.9 (last year)



ps. on the funny side, it also fail on the blinkers. It blinks both ligths
when you turn to left  or right. I ditched the digital dash and built a new
analogic dash, and I probably wired something wrong. :)

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