A8 Resale

Steven Sprague ssprague at nmgovlaw.com
Thu Aug 29 11:39:11 EDT 2002

j fizz wrote:

> << Remember, it took BMW
> >15 years and 3 generations of "7" cars to get it right, (if not then to go
> >horribly awry, but who's counting) >>>
> oh, i really like the new 7. i think it's rad that bimmer had the gumption
> to depart so radically from their styling trends. i do HATE that goofy
> taillight across the trunk, but i think the rest of the car is beautiful.

    I saw a new 7 from the rear about 2 months ago and thought it was a new
Mustang!  The rear looks like it was backed into a wall and the designers
called it a day.  Sorry, but the new styling (of the front end), if you call it
that, is similar to those "nice" droF Exploders last generation.  I don't care
for the turn signals on top of the headlights.  Yes, my opinion but it kinda is
a Japanese thing more than something a German designer would put on a car.  And
I'm half Japanese too!  Yes those goofy taillight reminds me of some
Escorts...ok off the opinion box...I just had to say something...

> << I think the new A8 will be in the black.>>
> i hope so. it looks so much like the old one. i love the 8, but i think the
> new styling is too similar to the old model. i hate to see it a step behind
> the 7.
> hopefully the new one gets the build right, and looks a little sharper in
> person than in the pictures.

Yes, I to am looking forward to seeing a new A8 in person...I do like that fact
Audi is staying with tradition and familiarity in their styling cues in these
new generations.


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