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Thu Aug 29 15:22:51 EDT 2002

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 Dear fellow list members, you may or may not have seen my recent messages =
concerning my 93 Quattro CS for sale.  It is listed here at the Audi Fans M=
arketplace as well as under the 84403 area code.  I have a l=
ittle less than an OK offer for this car at $7500.00 and probably would not=
 take it except that I don't want to mess around with it anymore.  Therefor=
e, anyone here who may be interested or might know someone who is can let m=
e know today if at all possible and I'll consider any and all offers at or =
above the one that I already have.  I appologize for the short notice but i=
f I have to sell my car I would rather it go to a fellow Audi Fan rather th=
an somebody else who may not appreciate it as much.  Thank you for your tim=
e again.  Good Day.Brandon at nodoebrando at or superpike at
 =2E  You can also call me if you like at 801-645-1202 or 801-625-1202.

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