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Lee Levitt writes:
> A quick question about Pentosin...I have a couple of quarts of Pentosin left
> over from my 200t. I recently bought a couple of new quarts, and the spec
> seems to be different - 7.1 versus 10 or thereabouts. Are there different
> types of Pentosin available, or was this an upgrade of the product?

There was a thread on this just some days ago, and it's a recurring thread.

> The reason I ask is that a friend has a '92 100 and needs some Pentosin. I
> intend to give him my older cans, and was wondering about the difference
> between the two...

The '92 must use Pentosin 11S.  The 11S is synthetic vs. mineral like the 7.1,
and has higher ratings.  11S can be used in lieu of 7.1 in all applications,
but cars that came with 11S should not use 7.1.  The switchover was around
1989 or so.

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