WMAG: Change of meeting area! Sept 1 meet

Michael Riebs / Audi V8 AudiV8 at 1stchoicegranite.com
Thu Aug 29 18:38:18 EDT 2002

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As all'y'all may know (no, I'm not from the South, I just like the accent),=
 the West Michigan Audi Gruppe is having a gathering on Sunday, September 1=
St at 1PM.

Anyone who is interested is invited to attend, and to join our group at htt=

If you come, please bring something to throw on the Grill (BBQ, not the car=
 grill), and a dish to pass. Following is a recent post to the WMAG list fo=
r directions:

OK, guys & gals, here's the deal:

I just got off the phone with Loni from the Zoo, who thought it would be a =
MUCH better idea (space & traffic concerns) if we meet at the "hilltop pavi=
lion". There are about 40 parking spaces there, and 2 grilles, and she does=
 not think it will be very busy,since not many people know about that space=
, so here are the new directions:

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