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The ride quality (and fit and finish) of the Lexus LS430-UL is superior to
all that I've driven (including S500).  It's also the most inexpensive and
offers the most "features."  The A8 is a wonderful car, mostly due to
Quattro.  All the cars in this segment take a set, and reward smoothness when
it comes to driving corners.  Honestly, the Lexus suprised me on how well it
handled (certainly equal to the A8).  I'm sure the S8 would handle better, I
haven't driven one.  As an instructor, I've driven 740i and 750i on the
track, the A8s on the track, and the LS430 on the track (we took it to Mt.
Tremblant last year- I took my S4 and dad took the Lexus).  I've talked to
several others with similar problems.  Maybe some people just ignore them (AM
radio static, intermittent switches, failed electrical controllers, constant
pull to the right, being out of service for 65 days in 6 months- those were
all on the 1999).  The 2000 was in the shop 45 days in the first 3 months of
ownership for a check engine light which would constantly come back.  After
being lied to by Jack Jones (NE service rep) and repeated treated poorly, we
will probably never buy another Audi product.  I love the cars, but the
service treatment by Audi USA is the worst and untolerable.   In fact, I just
put my mother into a BMW 330xi, even though the *perfect* car for her is a A6
4.2.  As soon as BMW comes out with a 545xi, we'll be buy one of those.  What
can I say?  In contrast, Lexus (corporate) sent an apology letter when the
prep guy cut a leather panel.  They offered to come to the office (60 miles
from the dealership) to pick up the car.  I called them back and told them it
was unnesesay, and I hope the dealer didn't get a black mark for an honest,
yet totally stupid mistake.  One bad employee (not in management) doesn't
make a bad dealer.  Anyhow, when we took delivery and pointed out the tear to
the manager, he was very upset.  They took exceptional car of our vehicles
(we also owned a ES300). from both a local and corporate standpoint.  Audi
just can't claim this.  They deny warranty service to Quattro Club (ACCNA)
instructors "because they race."  The students *hate* bringing thier cars in
for service... I hear a lot of horror stories.  My personal experiences
aren't unique.  Of course, most who I talk to are in the Northeast USA, which
is Jack Jones's territory.  It also is the largest sales volume region, so
Audi knows it's going on.  More and more die-hard Quattro lovers are buying
different brands.  I see instructor after instructor buying a Corvette or
Porsche or BMW.  If I had support from Audi, I would've purchased a new S6,
but instead I've kept my 2000 S4 (unkown for how much longer) and purchased a
Z06 Corvette.  My next "daily driver?"  Probably a BMW.  Nobody else makes a
fast luxury sedan with good dealer and national service support.  Don't get
me wrong, I think Audis are *WONDERFUL* vehicles, but the service is the
worst of my experience.
Plenty of others have had and are having similar experiences.  I'm sorry you
chose to keep this thread on the list.  If Audi would only support
enthuisiasts, apologise to those it's hurt, and offer the level of service on
par with the supreme level most sales staff now adheres to, including
yourself, I'm sure.

Mark Rosenkrantz (ASE certified, ACCNA/NEQ instructor)
AudiBiTurbo at aol.com

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